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Faye Teaches Classes and Workshops

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Comments from students.

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed my day of painting with you! It was such a surprise… I just loved it! You have such a gift for sharing and teaching.

Your work is beautiful and I am so lucky to have shared that day with you. I learned so much.

You have given me a new introduction to oil paints and their versatility, a wonderful day spent with you, another perspective of color and values, and a new appreciation for your talent and artwork.


Faye Crowe is an award-winning Colorado architect as well as a visionary and exciting emerging artist. Growing up in a family of engineers and mathematicians, Faye forged her education and career path as an architect from a very young age.  She is now expanding her interests to fine art to create an outlet for bold expressions of her unique appreciation of space and light, form and figure.

Faye has studied Art at the Art Student League of Denver since 2005.

“My paintings show a feeling of place, movement, emotion and energy. I believe  that viewers of my paintings are struck by the archetypes that my art embraces and celebrates."

Colorado's environment and landscape are inspirations for much of Faye's body of work. Her architecture and design background give her a remarkable vision of Colorado history by mixing powerful statements of nature with simple human endeavors. 

"Art and architecture seem to be a natural complement. Since architecture can be very exacting - I tend to gravitate to an interpretational and expressionistic style for my paintings. I love the use of bold color and reflective light."

 "I strive to capture the mood and energy of the subject by reflecting the feel of the moment with quick initial paintings.”

Faye Crowe redesigned a 2000 square foot space in the 40 West Arts

District in Lakewood, Colorado for her architecture and art studio. Faye Crowe's gripping and dramatic oil paintings are available in galleries and online. See also http://www.40westarts.org.